July 13, 2017

DMH installed a Sani-Tech 40HP Auger Compactor for Amazon high volume cardboard application at a distribution center in Sumner Washington in July of 2017.

Sani-Tech 40HP Auger Compactor System is capable of handling 10,000 corrugated boxes per hour.  Equipped with three sets of photo eyes, the compactor starts when the hopper is full of cardboard and shuts off automatically when the hopper is empty.  The hopper is equipped to handle overhead conveyor systems along with cart dumper.  This system will yield 10 ton cardboard loads in a 40 yard receiver box.

The Sani-Tech All-Electric Cart Dumper is designed to dump gaylords full of cardboard and has the capabilities of handling 2500 pounds.  This all-electric cart dumper is run with a regen motor, equipped with multiple light curtains for optimum safety.  Its easy to use touch screen requires just one touch for operation!

Sani-Techs One Touch Operation features a Bin Monitoring System.