A Central Minnesota school system approached DMH & American Services about their need to streamline their waste removal system.  School officials would wheel 96 Gallon carts up a long series of ramps to dump into 8 yard open top dumpsters that would get picked up daily.


DMH proposed a 30 Yard ACE E30 Self Contained Compactor equipped with a Toter Tipper to easily dump the 96 Gallon Carts into the compactor at their two locations.

Easy to Use Tipper allows anyone to dump heavy carts of waste into the compactor.

Equipment Used:

ACE E 30 Self-Contained 30YD with SMART Hydraulics 3 HP Motor

96 Gallon Toter Tipper

Low Temp Oil

Easy to Read Color Coded Pressure Gauge

Custom Paint


E 30 New Features and Benefits

  • Single Stationary Cylinder- Eliminating the scissor action what causes hose and fitting to break
  • 2 Hose System- Eliminating 4 moving hoses from the system
  • Cylinder Raised in the compactor- Allows the cylinder and the hoses to operate above the liquid in the compactor. Seals, Hoses and fittings avoid liquid and ice.
  • No Follower plate- Reduces refuse behind the platen
  • Back Access Panel Eliminated- 100% concealed compartment won’t allow liquids to drain out.

Features and Benefits

  • Door Seal with adjustable hinges for sure seal
  • Remote power unit with 10’ hoses
  • Timer control of platen no pressure switches
  • Rounded door for better compaction
  • Raised platen floor to stop platen freezing
  • Low temp oil for cold climates
  • No limit switches, less maintenance