DMH Companies recently supplied 3 Sani Tech Auger Compactors to the new US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.  The 72,000 seat US Bank Stadium is the home of the Minnesota Vikings and slated to host many major events including Super Bowl LII.  The Waste & Recycling program contains 3 Sani-Tech Auger Compactors and Tippers to ensure an efficient disposal operation.


US Bank 21              5US Bank 24

Waste Application- 2 Sani-Tech Model 1040/30, ER2500 Dumper & 35 Yard Compaction Container

US Bank 23                               IMG_0542

Custom 1 Yard Tipper with  Safety Gate                                          Sani-Tech Systems

      US Bank 6 Waste Container Ring                              US Bank 8 Waste Auger Ext

Bin Hole Diaphragm with Sealed Door                                 6″ Auger Nozzle Extension

Single Sort Recycling Application- 1 Sani-Tech Model 1046/36, ER2500 Dumper & 40 Yard Compaction Container

  US Bank 25                         US Bank 3 Recycling Tipper

Rear Loading Option from Loading Dock                     Custom Ground Level Side Load Tipper

US Bank 20                 US Bank 22

          ST 1046/36 Auger Compactor

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