A local University in the Minneapolis-St Paul area contacted American Services in need of equipment to serve the entire campus.  They wanted to bring all waste and recycling from the campus to a central location in 95 gallon garbage cans.

Sani-Tech 10HP Waste Compactor

Trash Unit 1                      Trash Unit 5

Auger Compactor (Waste)                          Flared Hopper for Skidsteer Loading

Trash Unit 3                    Trash Unit 2

Large Loading Hopper with Side Door                   Offset Cart Tipper


Sani-Tech 10HP Recycling Compactor

Recycling Unit 3          Recycling Unit 2

Auger Compactor (Recycling)        Large Side Feed Door for easy loading

Recycling Unit 1          Control Panel

Cart Tipper                                                   Easy to Use Control Panel